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A unique long-lasting silicone based lubricant for maximum pleasure. Thrust has a long glide surface time with a fine high viscosity texture that gives feel everything penitration. For those lucky enough to be driven to orgasm by the extra feel of textures, this is your product.


Thrust quickly forms a non-dripping thickening glide surface for sexual and intimate pleasure, at first an immediate moist feeling, then a long lasting effortless surface that thickens and enhances the feeling of movement. Thrust transmits sensation of movement by increasing the thickness of the glide until it spreads into skin.


Apply a more generous application for an extended surface that will last longer, and will need to be washed off in a warm soapy shower. 

Thrust is 100% vegan friendly, and using a little can go a long way!! 

Thrust Anal Silicone Lube 110g

  • Silicone-based long lasting lubricant
    Increases sensitivity
    Great in water
    Condom & latex safe
    Non-toxic, odourless and flavourless
    Vegan friendly
    Australian made and owned

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