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Gloss is a unique silicone gel that quickly forms a non-drip bodyglide gloss for intimate and sexual pleasure. It features an immediate moist feel, then a long lasting glide surface that transfers and enhances the feeling of movement. This product has the longest lasting glide surface of the Wet Stuff silicone range. Used sparingly, it disappears into the skin. More generous application for the extended glide will last longer and need to be wiped off or washed off in a soapy shower.

Wet Stuff Gloss Bodyglide 125g

  • Compatible with condoms
    Non-harmful if ingested
    Slippery under water
    Colourless, odourless, tasteless
    Wash off in a soapy shower after use
    Wash from fabric or surfaces with hot soapy water
    Remove stains with methylated spirits or dry cleaning fluid

    **Avoid use with silicone toys**

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