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Specially designed to enhance your intimate and sexual pleasure while caring for your natural health and the environment. For the "natural" consumer, as well as the "health" conscious, and those concerned with the environment. Especially suited to women with lubricant sensitivity issues while keeping in mind all of the qualities a really good lubricant should have.
Delightfully silky, the carefully selected pure ingredients balance an exquisite sensual texture with longer lasting qualities for safety, pleasure and comfort.
Longer drying times result in a more satisfying sexual experience. And longer lasting lubricants are safer with condoms. In addition, "Naturally" doesn't need to be washed off as it dries without stickiness or discomfort. An added advantage for all those who don't want to wash off all that lovely fun.
Specially formulated for very sensitive skin, Wet Stuff Naturally is free from ingredients commonly used in lubricants that can cause sensitivities. Free from glycerine, petrochemicals, citrates, parabens, fragrance and sweeteners.
Safe with latex products. Increases the safety and sensitivity of condoms. Naturally pH balanced with lactic acid, at women's healthy pH. Excellent vaginal moisturiser. For every day use.
Sustainably produced. Carbon neutral, cradle to grave. Gel Works uses a large "pillow" to allow for all the carbon that gets put into the air in all stages of the product from design, production, transport to disposal. Photovoltaic offsets and pyrolysis of garden waste are used to remove this carbon from the air.
Potassium sorbate and benzoic acid are included to ensure the safety and hygiene essential in personal lubricants, and completely replace the parabens preservatives found commonly in other lubricants. They are both naturally occurring compounds - used widely in food - and exhibit extremely low sensitivity responses. So this makes Wet Stuff "Naturally" both food grade and edible for adventurous fun.

Wet Stuff Naturally Lube 125g

  • Lube
    Does not alter natural pH
    Edible but not flavoured
    Free from glycerine, petrochemicals, citrates, parabens, fragrance and sweeteners.

    Ingredients: Purified water, Zemea R and Xanthan Gum (from corn), lactic acid to balance pH (from plant carbohydrates), potassium sorbate and benzoic acid (found in some fruits).

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