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ZOID is a weird shape cock ring, but it does stuff you want: it’s supper rubbery but strong and bouncy when stretched the shape is wider at the base narrow on top this keeps ZOID positioned where you want, but adds more under-sack lift. That is more bulge, more lift, more of your hunky junk.

This is what we call a comfort ring, it's midsize for most everybody it fits thicker junk, skinny junk, chunky junk, jumbo junk it has a ton of stretch in a size that will make everybody bulgier.

All colours are our custom Plus SILICONE mix with a lush dull velvet finish, all have a warm fleshy feel perfect for your sack. Hünkyjunk makes bigger bulges for harder play!


  • Bulge-maker comfort wear cock ring
  • Tugs you up for bigger bulge
  • Grips base of shaft for bigger bone

Zoid Trapaziod Lifter Cockring

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